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Long COVID Service

I am incredibly excited to welcome Lucy to the team, a highly experienced Respiratory Physiotherapist.  We have joined forces to provide clients with our ‘Long COVID’ service, which will help to overcome residual COVID symptoms such as fatigue, memory fog, persistent cough, breathlessness etc.

The service will arm you with strategies, exercises and a way forward to regain your normal energy levels and feeling of wellness again.


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Lucy graduated in 2009 with a BSc Hons in Physiotherapy. After her junior rotations, she started specialising in Respiratory in 2011 working across intensive care, medical and admission wards in Plymouth before specialising further in Bristol in long term management of chronic lung conditions, pulmonary rehabilitation, oxygen, clearance and exacerbations of asthma, COPD, ILD and bronchiectasis. She relocated to beautiful North Devon where she specialises in dysfunctional breathing patterns, breathlessness and long covid. She completed the adult Buteyko training in 2018 and more recently BradCliff Level 1 in assessment and management of breath pattern disorders. She also has a masters level module in asthma to help with support diagnosing, managing and treating asthmatics.



Our sessions are virtual but if you live local to Cheltenham, hands on treatment can also be provided by Kate alongside a tailored exercise programme.

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