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January 2023, Tara: (from a professional triathlete)
”I am very particular about who I have treat me.  Kate Pilkington was recommended to me by Emma Price (Supafoot).  A recommendation is always the best way to find the best treatment.  Nonetheless I still went to my appointment skeptical.
I cannot sing enough praises for the treatment I received from Kate.  Instead of treating the symptoms, she treated the cause of the problem..in this instance, my kidneys. Yes, believe it or not, the body is one very complicated adjoining network.
If you need a physio, go and see Kate.  A woman who understands sport and has some magic in her hands (and brain!)”
November 2022:
”Kate explained all treatments to me and the associated science. I was just so amazed that at last I have found the root cause of my health issues. My digestion is so much better and my musculoskeletal issues are resolving – for the first time ever!”
December 2022, Laurette:
”Just one visceral release session with Kate was enough to ease my problem.  It was remarkable.  Kate’s holistic approach is spot on and so very helpful, thank you.”

November 2021:

“Very happy with all aspects of Harry’s physio. He is back playing rugby and is better than ever! Thank you”.

Mary 2020:

” Kate has made a real difference to my life. I was experiencing pain in my left hip which was getting worse.  I was put on the waiting list by my GP for a hip replacement.  As I wanted to avoid surgery, I got in touch with Kate who had been recommended to me.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  Kate used a technique called visceral release to work on my internal organs, the effect has been amazing.  I have had several sessions with Kate and the pain in my hip has almost gone.  I can move freely and walk more easily.  I am so grateful to Kate and have recommended her to friends and family.”

May 2022: (Written by the patient’s mother)

”She seems to be doing absolutely fine. No twinges, aches or pains – amazing!  We’re very grateful to have found you & will have no hesitation to get back in touch should we need the use of your amazing services! Thank you very much again for your care & support.”

Lorna Robson August 2020:
 ‘Thank you very much for always being so cheerful and encouraging. Every day’s class is so varied and I for one depend on the class to provide something of a routine to each day.  Excellent value too, especially as we all have access to a huge bank of recorded classes.  Please don’t stop!’

Helen September 2016:

“Amazing Pilates and Physio support! Kate’s fantastic medical support and excellent weekly Pilates classes have been such a great start to my week.  Kate has helped transform me from a position of struggling to walk, in constant pain with spine problems, to being strong enough to do the tough Cheltenham Challenge Marathon!  Thank you!”

Dr Alex Ryan October 2019:

‘Kate is a superb therapist and has moved me quickly from despair to recovery.  Despite being an active person, I have become almost totally inactive after a period of illness, injuries and major life stress events.  I was in constant pain, losing sleep and couldn’t work out what was wrong.  Visceral manipulation was new to me and has been an absolute godsend – it zoned in on post-surgery complications I had not realised were causing me trouble.  The treatments quickly reduced both my pain levels and movement limitations, getting me active again.

Kate has terrific skills and sensitivity – she treats the whole person, not just the symptoms, which is so critical if you are facing complex issues and can’t find the way forward.  Highly recommend – thank you Kate, you have truly been a shining beacon at a dark moment in my life – you’re a talented therapist and I’m so grateful for the help you’ve given me!

Kelly February 2023:

“I have been seeing Kate on and off for several years now. she is incredible, not matter what my ailment and I have had various over the years from whiplash to surgical recovery she has always managed to reduce my pain and increase my mobility. She is very professional but keeps a great balance of being personal too. I have been to many other physios but I will not see anyone else now. I cannot recommend Kate enough. She is always on time and I always look forward to my appointments with her. ‘

Rose April 2019:

”Thank you for the Pilates classes.  When I started last October I couldn’t sit cross legged due to my hip, as you know, and I also couldn’t put my left arm above my head, although I didn’t tell anyone this.  Now, due to the sessions, I can do both :-D.  Thank you.”

Gemma September 2019: (after 2 weeks of a pilates home exercises programme and one session of visceral release treatment)

”The exercises you gave me have really helped out my pelvis problem and also my back as I have no pain at all which is amazing!  Thanks so much for your help so far it has been amazing!.”

Kay Harrison April 2019:

”This type of intervention enabled me to take a leap in terms of my movement (for frozen shoulder). In terms of the type of intervention I had it was the most effective and I can only be grateful that my physiotherapist, Kate Pilkington was skilled in this technique.”

Sheila Richards 19th December 2015:

Would definitely recommend. Really helped my back. Individual attention in a small group”

Natalie Wheeler September 2016

” Kate’s classes are fun as well as challenging.  You can choose the best levels for your fitness with every exercise and feel confident that her professional experience means she can help you protect any weak joints and develop your strength.  I’ve been coming to Kate’s classes since 2010 and love them!”

Harriet Anstey October 2016:

“Pilates classes are small and friendly – Kate focuses on giving individual advice and instruction. Being a Physiotherapist, Kate gives excellent advice on rehabilitation post injury.”

Ann October 2016:

”Kate’s knowledge comes across, you can start at any level and work up and she has a great choice in music.”

Gerry and Mary October 2016:

”Kate is a very competent and professional Pilates instructor and the friendly classes are a flexible way to start our day.  Each week Kate rings the changes so we’re never sure what’s in store! Definitely pleased we found these classes.”

Frank Richards January 2017:

“I had some back and knee pain from mountain biking, so I asked Kate to come and do a bike fit and physio session at short notice.  She got the bike set up correctly and explained to me what was causing the pain.  She really took her time to understand my complaints and was very thorough in addressing them.  Kate answered all my questions and I was really satisfied with the level of help and expertise she had.  After the physio treatment, she followed up with a programme of exercises to do at home, which have enabled me to get straight back into training.  I will definitely be coming back if I have any more issues – thank you Kate!”

Laura May 2019:

”Kate is excellent.   She really is fantastic at the mental game as well as the physio.”

Donna August 2017:
”Thank you for the excellent physio and the relaxing pilates classes.”
Helen Wells 4th January 2016:

“Fantastic Pilates and Physio from expert Kate, who has got me right back on my feet to a new lease of life!”

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