Pilates is a form of dynamic stabilisation retraining that reconditions the body from the central core to prevent the recurrence of and treat a range of postural, musculo-skeletal and neurological conditions.

Kate’s interest for Pilates stemmed from her Physiotherapy work and she completed her APPI (Australian Institue of Pilates and Physiotherapy) training in 2009.

Kate now runs a variety of classes every week day, in addition to 1-1 sessions in the client’s home.


Zoom classes (2 x online classes a week plus the recordings): 8 sessions for £72.

Face to face classes: 8 sessions for £96 unless you are also a zoom member £80.

The classes run in blocks of 8.  If you need to miss a class, you can have a recorded class to keep you going until the next time!

Class timetable

Mondays 8:45am – 9:45am
(via Zoom)

Tuesdays 6:30-7:30pm
(Shurdington Community Centre – face to face)

Thursdays 9:15am – 10:15am
(via Zoom)

By popular demand, some of Kate’s classes are staying on Zoom for the time being, so you can fit the class in and around work and busy life schedules, in the comfort of your own home.  This also means you get 2 live classes plus recordings for the price of 1 classroom class!

However, Kate also has a Tuesday evening face to face class if you prefer.  This is particularly useful if you are new to Pilates and are learning the technique.

Private 1-1 tuition available in your own home or via Zoom.

What to bring

You will need to bring a pilates mat with you and  some people like to bring a small towel to support their head and some water.

It is recommended you wear comfortable clothes that have some stretch/give in them.  Ideally don’t wear baggy clothes as it is useful for Kate to see how you are using your muscles.  You do not need to worry about footwear as Pilates is done without shoes on.

We use small equipment during some classes, such as resistance bands, small weights and balls.  It is easier if you purchase these yourself but Kate can lend you some equipment if needed.

Pilates class
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”Kate has terrific skills and sensitivity – she treats the whole person, not just the symptoms”


”FIVE STAR EXPERIENCE.  Kate looks at the body as a whole (both physically and emotionally) and is able to identify and treat the root cause of the pain.  This type of Physiotherapy is much more logical and effective than traditional Physiotherapy.  The best physio I have come across – thank you Kate.”


“Kate used a technique called visceral release to work on my internal organs, the effect has been amazing. I have had several sessions with Kate and the pain in my hip has almost gone. I can move freely and walk more easily.”


“Kate is a superb therapist and has moved me quickly from despair to recovery.”


“I cannot sing enough praises for the treatment I received from Kate. Instead of treating the symptoms, she treated the cause of the problem.”

Tara (a professional triathlete)

“I have been seeing Kate on and off for several years now. She is incredible, no matter what my ailment and I have had various over the years, she has always managed to reduce my pain and increase my mobility. She is very professional but keeps a great balance of being personal too. I have been to many other physios but I will not see anyone else now.”

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